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SAP Exacutive Committee

Contact Info:


President of The Sudanese Association of Psychiatrists

Prof. Abdalla Abdel Rahman

Phone:   0912391747 

Email: a [email protected]

PO Box:

Clinic : شارع القصر مواجه لسينما كلوزيوم  - جوار صيدلية المودة

E-mail: a [email protected]


Deputy President

Dr. Salah Haron

Tel : 0912350557

E-mail: [email protected]


Secretory General

Dr.  Fathia Hussein Mohammed Shabo

SAP Secretatory General

Police Major General 

(Police Hospital 2008- president)

Tel 0912391268

E-mail: [email protected]

Academic Secretary    

Dr. Omar Hussain


Web Editor and Secretaray for publiction and research

Dr. Bella Abu Sineina

Phone: 0912230913

Email: [email protected]


Information Secretary

Dr. Anas Ibn Auf Abas

Tel. 249122623320


Cultural Secretary

Dr. Al Nayial Al Kabashi


Financial Secretary

Dr. Lubaba Abdalla Suliman

Te. 249 912624880

E-mail: lubab[email protected]



Social Secretary

Dr. Amal El Tigani



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Bella Abu Sineina

Site Editor:

Tel: 0912230913

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